New old gear

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

I've recently stumbled back in time more and more often. Being that I have a small dark room at home and a film scanner ordered, it really isn't that inconvenient to go analog. Also with the current photographic market being what it is, you can really get worthy deals of old cameras both online and at flea markets etc. Here's what I got just recently.

This first one is from 1927 and is (most likely) called Unoplast 10x15. The films this beast uses are huge and not available around every corner. Not a tool for the hasty. However, I am gonna give this one go once I figure out how to actually use it. It's not like there's a pdf manual  available for downloading..

This one is a bit more recent, from the early 1950's. It is a twin lens reflex camera and these bad boys were popular before single lens reflex cameras came along. It takes 120 film and is quite cool. I will be using this one for sure as it's not nearly as complicated to use as the previous one.

And here's the Mamiya 645 I mentioned in an earlier post. It dates back to the 1980's and was a favorite among studio photographers. Some people still use these (more recent ones, though) professionally. It is actually quite simple to use and has incredible optics available. I have already shot two 120 rolls with it and will be posting images at some point. Furthermore, it looks really, really cool.

That's it for now. More vintage cameras to come in the future I presume.