15.7.2011 / Kuusamo

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

Finally, the day is here. I'm officially on a holiday now! As of tomorrow, I can't be reached, mostly, as I'll be spending two weeks far, far north in Kuusamo. After that I'll take a quick plunge into Paris and then I'm back in action, business as usual. So, for the next three weeks it's gonna get quiet. Real quiet. Hear the grasshoppers kinda quiet.

I ain't got no specific plans other than fishing, looking at the lake and of course - photography. As this trip is a "get in touch with your roots" kinda thing for me, I figured I'd give the old film SLR's and Rangefinders a go. I've had these rolls of old Tri-X in the fridge for quite some time now and it would be great to put them to some use. Whether or not these cameras are still able to produce anything decent is anybody's guess, but hey, we'll see. I'll take my digital cameras as well, duh...

Anyways, next post is due in August. Hopefully. Enjoy the summer, while it lasts.

My Petri camera ready for some photo shooting.


Here's some music to celebrate my holiday with. No, it's not Danny.