2.6.2011 / A coffee shop at the end of the world?

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

Did I go back in time? Did I go forward in time? Did the world come to a sudden end? Is Fallout not just a game anymore? No, no, no and yes it's still a game. To see this for yourself, head on over to Fårö in Gotland and find a place called "Kutens Bensin". It's a little bizarre to say the very least, but at the same it is definitely extremely interesting.

The best way to describe this place would be to say that it's a coffee shop / bar / club / restaurant / hang out spot. Oh yeah, let's not forget the genuine French créperie they have there (seriously). Kutens is located pretty much in the middle of the Gotlandish outback and it's quite easy to find if you ever happen to get close (not too many places with this kinda décor in Fårö).

If I was to shoot a gory horror movie, this would be the spot. Or, if I was in the mood to enjoy some decent Lapin Kulta (?) while in Sweden, I'd come here for sure.

Disclaimer: a little Photoshop never hurt nobody.