Who am I?

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

I'm a freelance photographer based in my native city of Helsinki, Finland. I love to make photographs of people and places.

I photograph editorial assignments for various magazines and newspapers as well as private weddings, promo shoots, different kinds of events and NGO -work. My pictures have appeared in the following publications:

  • Ilta-Sanomat
  • Seura
  • Eeva
  • Anna
  • Gloria
  • Glorian ruoka & viini
  • Elle
  • Kaleva
  • Keskisuomalainen
  • City-lehti
  • Me Naiset
  • Sara
  • Etelä-Suomen Sanomat
  • Savon Sanomat
  • Kauppalehti
  • Kotiliesi
  • Club One
  • Blue Wings
  • Evita
  • HS.fi
  • VisitSweden.com
I also planned and executed an on-going project with Plan Suomi that will be published as a book during the year 2012. There will also be an exhibition. You can follow the project blog here.
This site also features my blog. It's not to be taken too seriously. Most of the time.

I am available for assignments.

Yours truly,

Tuukka Ervasti