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There is a place deep within the academic part of Warsaw that is so far removed from our modern reality that you would think you have gone back in time at least 40 years. While not a totally uncommon phenomenon in the city, this locale in particular has the distinctive smell of a long gone expiry date. The paint is falling off, the alleys and corridors are one aspiring director away from becoming the surroundings to a horrendous Hollywood horror movie and generally the whole place  feels like a Pyongyangian holiday destination without the choreographed dancing. So, in a nutshell, just the kind of place that makes a photographer happy, a student gasp for air and a building safety inspector be able to afford a new SUV.

This is a place where young enthusiastic people go to study linguistics. Foreign languages. Finnish, among others. If you're determined enough to study a language with little to no use in the big world, you are at least awarded with the type of surroundings that really nurture the studying soul. Perkele.

Or, alternatively, you could opt to study in the new building and not this one.