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I will be updating my blog more frequently in the coming weeks with much more information on why I was in Nepal this time around and what exactly is the RVWRMP.

For now, suffice to say, it's a joint project between Finland and Nepal which aims to improve the living conditions of the more remote areas of Nepal by focusing mostly on water resource improvement through various means.  

There are lots of nuts and bolts connected to this work, of course, which I will be covering later on but until then, here are some pictures of my extended week in the remote areas of Far West Nepal. 

Dilip Singh Dhani, 55, emerges from his house to go and attend to his home garden which provides his family with vegetables. They are also able to sell off the excess produce to a nearby market. 

Dilip goes through his field of cauliflower to pluck out the weeds and keep the area productive.
Home gardens, such as his, are a direct result of having access to clean water.  

Dilip holds his grand daughter as they are waiting for his wife to cook a traditional Nepali lunch; Dal Bhat. It consists of cooked rice, lentil soup and various vegetables. 

A young woman washes the dishes after lunch on a water supply tap. These taps are part of RVWRMP's support program.

Dilip and his goat. His family keeps several goats around the premises. 

Dilip's grand children standing in the shade in front of their home. The house has two small storeys and is home to six people and several goats. 

Scenery around Simchaur, Nepal.