İstanbul Encounters / İstanbul Karşılasmaları .

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

Late last year I travelled to Istanbul where I had the good fortune to get to know the good people over at PÜR Istanbul. They have a charming place in the heart of Galata where they've collected various pieces of art and design and the whole house is very much a culmination of years of insightful collecting. They are also very open to all forms of arts and the house is often filled with creative people from altogether different backgrounds. 

As it so often happens when I meet great people, a happy accident turns into something else. Pretty soon after I got back from Istanbul, we started exchanging emails and agreed that I would travel back to Istanbul to make more images of the captivating city which would later become some sort of an exhibition at PÜR. I am very thankful to PÜR for this opportunity to be able to go back to Istanbul and feel the pulse of the city once again - and show you how I saw and felt it.  

I will be updating my blog and Instagram hopefully quite regularly during my stay in Istanbul. More information about the upcoming exhibition will also follow.