Pokhari village

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

As a part of my work travels late last year, I came across this village in the Far West of Nepal. As is so often the case in these village meetings, the visitor gets decorated with a gazillion malas, which are basically hand made Nepali flower wreaths given to visitors as a sign of respect. 

To repay all the courtesies I enjoyed, I usually make photographs. This time was no different. 

After this group photograph, I spent a good amount of time making individual portraits in one of the doorways in the village. As I remember I made over 30 portraits and had a pretty big audience while I was making those pictures. Presented here are some of those photographs. 

Moments like that are essential to what I do, I think. Quick encounters that leave lasting impressions. 

Oh, and yes, the pictures will be delivered to the village to the people.