Home made

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

My latest acquisition. A custom built, wooden large format camera. I do not know where it was made exactly but I got it while I was learning about wet plates in Prague.

The camera is incredibly pretty in its design but it also features a Zeiss lens and fully functional bellows. The film holder is a piece of work, too, completely wooden with brass locks on the side. Perfect for wet plates. 

The film size is a little difficult, though. It's around 7x8 inches or so which means that I won't be able to get any film from anywhere that fits the back just like that. It has to be custom cut to fit. That really does not matter because I am only going to be using this camera for wet plate work and those aluminium plates are easy to cut and I already have done so.

With this camera I hope to create more and more wet plates and learn the craft better while I'm at it. So, if there's anyone reading this and interested in the subject, please contact me and let's think of a cool idea for a portrait we could expose on the collodion plates - you will get a plate of your own, of course.