Hiatus over - this time for real

Added on by Tuukka Ervasti.

So, it's been a hectic summer. Most of it work, a lot of it travel and nearly all of it pretty great. With the exception of the severe visa issues I experienced when trying to, ultimately unsuccesfully, bring a dear friend over to Finland from Nepal - it has been a great summer.

Now, to top it off, I will travel to the United States of America. 

I am to  be blogging while I am there. Perhaps from somewhere in Michigan, we'll see...

Until then, enjoy your summer the best you can and if you're Finnish like me - remember - it is very fleeting. The 8 months or so of endless misery are just around the corner. 

Hashtag positivity.

I'll be back. 

Until then, please enjoy a few up north snaps from and around Kuusamo. If a location can be one's spirit animal, then Kuusamo is mine.