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So, here I am. Kathmandu, Nepal. The journey from Helsinki was not too difficult however as I can't ever seem to get any shut eye on airplanes, I ended up staying awake for over 40 hours. I guess that fatigue combined with the evidence of the earthquake all around me led to a kind of an emotional first day. 

People here seem amazingly resilient. The huge quake happened only a few months ago and a lot of the areas are still badly damaged. Yet the people are one of the most friendly I've ever met and they are so quick to give you that welcoming smile. Travel far to see near, they say, but being here does make my own issues seem somewhat naive, to put it mildly. Whatever the case may be, I find the local people to be extremely accommodating and hospitable. I like the way this city feels. 

Kathmandu is chaotic, hectic, beautiful, serene, smelly, confusing, interesting and fascinating all at the same time. Spread over an area that really isn't that big, Kathmandu feels like a unique world on its own right. I am probably able to write more coherently later on as the experience sinks in with more detail. 

Tomorrow I will be heading towards the village of Khokana to get the project started properly. I will be updating the blog regularly, I hope, and will also shed some light into what it is I am actually doing here for the next month. Until then, have a look at these first few snaps I made last night.